Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reflections in the shower...

My day includes breakfast out with a human (thanks, Debra!) so it started out with a shower. I say "started out" in the cat-woman terminology of "starting out" because obviously cat care-taking chores are so ingrained that this has already occurred before any assessment of the day takes place. Especially if they are any sniffly-sneezy possibly infective issues. Best to see to those cats first, then take a shower to face the world.

At any rate, in the shower I had a face-off with the big bottle of Aveeno body wash I had specifically asked my sister Linda for, for Christmas. I cannot afford it on my own (something like $7 a bottle) but $7 is a reasonable cost for a Christmas gift. I'd far rather have a good quality body wash than a cat calendar.

I started thinking about the types of things people give as presents. I thought about the things people give a cat-woman when they want "you to have something for yourself, not those damned cats!" Usually it's some reasonable luxury. A gift certificate for a massage. "Body Shop" type body washes, a nice sweater that will immediately be destroyed by a cat, etc.

And I wondered what every broke cat-woman would really like--that they never spend their money on until they absolutely have to.


Black crew socks.

Yes, if you have a cat-woman in your life, I can bet they have the most frightening sock drawer in the world. (NOTE: I ALREADY STOCKED UP ON THESE. DO NOT BUY ME SOCKS!) But if you have a cat-woman in your life where ever you are, go to the men's section and pick up a great big bag, or two for that matter, of cotton blend black crew socks. Lots of them, so we don't have to look for socks that match, and can throw out all the other socks we own (WHICH I JUST DID--DON'T BUY ME SOCKS!).

Don't get us a Walmart card to buy socks. We'll just buy cat food.

We won't even touch the topic of the underwear drawer.

Socks. And Aveeno.

Cat women, please weigh in on the things you really need that you never get around to buying for yourself, that you secretly would be thrilled to have someone give you.


  1. Food. Any kind of food. I seriously loathe cooking.

  2. Ditto on the car wash! Even before I was a cat-woman I asked for this; nobody every took me seriously and I always got something stupid like jewelry.

    My sock drawer is in good shape, this is something I enjoy buying for myself. Of course, they are mostly purple or some wacky pattern.


  3. I need a vacation. Four days out camping. Very spendy now with the camping site costs. But I don't have anyone to watch my cats if I leave. So I guess I would wish for four days of reliable decent cat sitting, so I could go, this summer, camp by a lake for a few days.

    1. It is truly sad about the cost of camping. When I was a kid, we spent weeks at Bowman Lake, for $1 a day. Dad went home to feed the cat and mow the lawn, and we lived out of a huge canvas tent and rammed around the forest, pestering the retired people in their campsites. Some of the same people were there every year. Those days are gone, with the high camping fees that are asked to be able to maintain the grounds.

  4. My car is a complete disaster, after hauling thousands of cats in it. Stinks up a storm, is dented, scratched and has 200k miles now, all cat miles. Oh the sacrifices we make!

  5. Ditto on food. And yes---car detailing/cleaning. I made Debra ride in mine today to give it an objective sniff test since it had been tom-catted a few weeks ago.

    1. Debra says my car passed the sniff-test, LOL! Either that or she's just being really nice.

  6. I regret taking so long to come back - you've been busy!

    Loved this post! Loved the comments even better!