Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well, here we are, 2012. Feel any different?

The clock on my computer is wrong. I actually missed the countdown because there was a commercial on the streaming video of Times Square. Interestingly enough, the world did not end because I missed it. Instead, I found a recorded clip of the countdown in London, which was a lot prettier, and had no video of people kissing. Call me unromantic. I'd rather see fireworks over the Thames than people smooching at this point of my life.

Gretchen came over earlier bearing wine and cookies, and I had homemade soup on the stove and some decent bread. I built a fire in the great room, and we cuddled kittens (above) for a few hours. When she headed home around 8pm, I enjoyed a nap by the roaring fire. I went to sleep with Tommy on my chest and woke up with little Tortellini.

Today it was sunny and warm--nearly 50 on January 1st. I took Molly for a hike up on the hill. With all the weeds down and no snow, I was able to go places I've never gone before. I think I'll go up with a can of spray paint tomorrow to mark where I want to do trails next year. I'd like to open up the hill so friends with dogs can come walk them when they like, and not get lost or venture onto neighbors' property.

I'd like to have posted some photos but I accidentally gave my camera a fling across the kitchen floor and it didn't survive this particular impact. Luckily I have $115 credit at so a new camera is on the way. Until then I'll post photos others take. I have plenty of "got my present!" pictures to add.

I love my place. It would break my heart to lose it. Sometimes I forget how beautiful it is, huddled up here in the house behind a computer. I need to make some changes in my life this year. They are not so much resolutions--just a frame of mind.

I do have a few goals. I don't expect to accomplish them this year, but I do want to get a start on them.

Do you have any plans for 2012?

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  1. I have the usual get in shape thoughts. I have the get out of Albany thoughts. Those were reinforced this a.m., taking down Christmas lights, and the air stinks of ammonia. I once called the EPA about the chronic stench in the air, intermittent. They said it was likely a certain industry nearby, said to call whenever I smelled it. They do nothing about it though. I don't it's good to live somewhere where you can't suck in the air or it makes you reel from the caustic smell. I should get out of this town somehow this year.