Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thomas, now Tommy, returns.

Tommy's caretaker, the father of a close friend of mine, has passed away unexpected. Tommy was adopted back in 2007 and was his caretaker's constant companion. Cary, his daughter, gladly would have taken him, but she has already adopted Simon and Hope from us, and has other cats and dogs of her own.

Tommy got the run of our great room while he got used to being in a new place. He is now running around the house, and has an appointment at the vet's next Thursday, along with Jewel and Arthur. He has always had weepy eyes and a snuffle in his sinuses. This has gotten a bit worse with age, so we'll have the vet check that out.

Tommy is looking for a new home with someone who wants a playful, affectionate older cat, and who doesn't mind wiping his eyes with special eye wipes to keep his white little face white.

In the meantime, we'll enjoy him here.

Here is Tommy and his Dad, who had only one request when he was in the hospital, and that was to see his Tommy


  1. Did Tommy's Dad get to see him before he passed away? I hope so!

  2. Tommy is so handsome. We're so sorry that his dad passed away, and hope he finds a new forever home real soon. In the meantime, we are glad he is safe and loved with you.